Nathan Lichtwar, Author
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My Romanian "Gypsy" mother told me I entered the world in Manhattan,
in the pots and pans section in Macy’s at 34th Street—Herald Square… a true
indication that my life would never be mundane.

And, maybe my desire to stay on the move was a result of the many times
we moved in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. I was 18 when I joined
the U.S. Coast Guard. Four years later, I moved on to the New York and
New Haven tugboats as a deckhand, and then started two oil distributor franchises.
Owner-Publisher of "Cross Up, Long Island’s Motorcycle Scene" came next,
followed by getting back on the water with Cielo e Mar Charter Service, Aqua Fun,
then New York Boat Charter, including a stint as a New York Harbor ferryboat captain.
I traveled extensively throughout the world, on and off the beaten tract. My travels and
adventures inspired the writing of my first book, "Peckerwood Twist," which is, as I like to say,
“…either 90% true and 10% false, or just the opposite.” 
While all the above was going on, I, eventually retired, after 32 years, from the Metropolitan Opera
as a Local No. 1 stagehand electrician.
All of my adventures are shared with my beloved wife, Linda, who has now retired from "Show Biz"
I still dream of creating an Off- or Off-Off Broadway play someday.
I’ve been a guest on “Oprah” twice...
These days, I still travel by land, air, and sea, gathering inspiration for my life
and material for my writings, "Peckerwood Twist" and "Eight Twisted Shorts"
Both are published and available: Lulu, B&N,, Paperback, eBook, Nook, etc!  
The sequel to Peckerwood Twist, "Cuban Twist," is in a holding pattern as I await "legal"
travel approval from the United States Government...
My "The 33 Souls of Lilith" is still in the development phase if "Lilith" yes you read it right Lilith became Adam's first wife, who
was created at the same time and from the same earth as Adam. will allow it, she "Lilith" is writing the book I just pound
the keyboard for her, you can see what I mean by reading "Souls of Lilith" in "Eight Twisted Shorts"
To contact me:  
 “Heat is something I never seem able to escape. It’s not just about climate. Heat
comes in many forms and follows me wherever I go, or maybe the truth is that
I’m drawn to it like the proverbial moth to a flame. Like in this small town on the
east coast of Florida. Nighttime in Port Selerno is as hot as if it were midday
If you frequent some of the places I do, it can get even hotter.”
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 Now available on Lulu, B&N, as Paperback, eBook, Nook, etc! 
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Venture into eight realms created by the author of Peckerwood Twist, where twists
—good and not-so-good—occur. “Gotcha!” happens in the Upper West Side of Manhattan,
where a certain action has particular consequences. “Slightly Stained” takes you on the
motorcycle ride of your life. “The Petrified Tree” is a story of storms, slavery, and salvation.
Find out what can happen when you get too familiar with your GPS in “The Swing.” A different
kind of Christmas miracle happens in “What Do You Think?” Be careful what you ask for,
takes on new meaning in the adult-themed “Souls of Lilith.”You’ll wonder—or discover—
what the greatest cut of all in life is in “Ek Balam.” And the usual way to start a tale is the
best way to end here, with “Once Upon a Twisted Night,”
where outside intervention plays with the lives of mankind.
...Please stop by from time to time as I am always in flux...
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